Humanistic testing and models, and the systematic rejection of biblical revelation-Dr. Gary North

“The Bible affirms the reality and validity of God’s law. It is our
standard of action. Therefore, it is our primary tool for cost-benefit
analysis. It is a cost-cutting device because it provides us with universal guidelines that can be relied upon whether or not we have designed empirical tests to verify the benefits associated with a particular law, or the costs associated with disobedience. Men who reject the law of God are acting as Adam and Eve did. They are discounting the omniscience of God, the omnipotence of God, and the
reliability of His word. The rejection of God’s law is the first step of
the would-be autonomous man in his quest to become as God, and
ultimately to replace God. The rejection of God’s law is the most expensive
rejection of a capital resource that any man or any society can make. It
substitutes for reliable knowledge the unreliability and astronomical
costs of constant, universal, and eternal empirical testing- the
testing of every fact in the universe. Autonomous man first tests
God’s word, and then must test all other words, and all other facts,
constantly and eternally. He departs from the paradise of reliable
law and enters the barren land of universal testing. The more autonomous he becomes, the more fascinated with tests, and the more
despondent that the tests can ever produce reliable results. In the
words of one 1960’s critic of IQ(intelligence quotient) tests: “IQ tests
test what IQ tests test.” In short, that favorite screening test of 1930’s
humanistic educators was falling into disfavor, especially after certain racial minorities failed to perform well when taking them. The

test was no longer assumed to test anything relevant. 2 Yet humanists
need screening devices, and quantitative tests have for centuries
been the primary humanistic substitute for earlier screening devices,
such as family name, moral character, or profit-and-Ioss performance. Losing faith in tests, modern man has no universally agreed upon substitute for tests. The proliferation of testing, statistical surveys, data-gathering, sampling techniques, mathematical economic models, and similar supposed shortcuts for human decision-making has been the direct result of the philosophy of human autonomy and the systematic rejection of biblical revelation. Testing man has replaced
covenantal man, yet it is man, not God, who has systematically failed
the tests, even those devised by the experts in the field. We have imputed great value to our ability to test, and the costs of this error have been astronomical.”

The Dominion Covenant, pp. 109-110, Gary North


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