Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Easter Sermon… He’s Still Standing for Christian Principles

Phil Robertson does NOT believe in the sinner’s prayer (as indicated when he talks about his young children asking to be baptized; and he says: ‘I believe in Jesus. Come on into my heart Lord; and you look at their lives and you notice pretty quickly that their faith and actions are not on target with each other. It’s a picture of the United States of America.’ ); nor do I.  Richard Duke

The Sinner’s Prayer:

C.S. Lewis used the term “a great cataract of nonsense” to describe how people use a modern idea to construe Bible theology. One such example, perhaps the best example, is a conversion method called the Sinner’s Prayer.

When Mr. Robertson quotes the Scriptures regarding the “last days” please look at the below (which the early church fathers agreed with)–EVEN THOUGH THIS WAS WRITTEN TO THEM THEN LIVING; IT IS WRITTEN FOR US LIVING TODAY:

Meaning of last days and last time in Hebrews 1 and 1 John 2


Hebrews 1:1-2–last days of the OLD COVENANT, not the end of this age


The Early Church Fathers and the Last Days of the Jewish Age


The prevailing view of the early Church fathers was that Daniel’s vision of the 70 weeks was fulfilled in 70 AD.