Obama Program to Help Struggling Homeowners Blows Millions on Parties, Cars, Booze, Luxury Travel-Judicial Watch

“Years after a scathing federal audit exposed rampant waste in a multi-billion-dollar government program to help the “unemployed or underemployed” pay their mortgage, the gouging continues full throttle. Public officials who operate the disastrous project, known as Hardest Hit Fund (HHF), have wasted millions of dollars on parties, fancy cars, gifts, extravagant dinners and receptions, gym memberships and luxury travel. Previous investigations have uncovered more than $11 million in wasteful spending at HHF for illegal things such as employee bonuses, lavish shindigs, expensive vehicles and superfluous data storage. The latest enraging figures are documented in a lengthy report to Congress that outlines how HHF continues fleecing American taxpayers.

Obama launched the scandal-plagued program in 2010 to help struggling families negatively impacted by the housing crisis and it operates under the Treasury Department, which does little to oversee it and sits by as federal probes unmask pervasive fraud and corruption.”