The bureaucratization of the mind-Mises

The modern trend toward government omnipotence and
totalitarianism would have been nipped in the bud if its
advocates had not succeeded in indoctrinating youth with
their tenets and in preventing them from becoming acquainted with the teachings of economics.
Economics is a theoretical science and as such does not
tell man what values he should prefer and what ends he
should aim at. It does not establish ultimate ends. This is
not the task of the thinking man but that of the acting man.
Science is a product of thought, action a product of will. In
this sense we may say that economics as a science is neutral
with regard to the ultimate ends of human endeavor.
But it is different with regard to the means to be applied

for the attainment of given social ends. There economics
is the only reliable guide of action. If men are eager to
succeed in the pursuit of any social ends, they must adjust
their conduct to the results of economic thinking.

Bureaucracy, pp. 81-82, Ludwig von Mises


Book: Bureaucracy, by Ludwig von Mises