Book: Fight the Powers: What the Bible Says About the Relationship Between Spiritual Forces and Human Governments

I have a copy of the paper back book. It states the following: “The contents of this book may be freely copied and distributed, so long as the title and author’s name are retained and no fees are collected. If you are reading this work in proprietary format, you are welcome to visit to download a copy in an open source format.” Richard Duke


Book: Fight the Powers: What the Bible Says About the Relationship Between Spiritual Forces and Human Governments


Podcast Ep 118: Fight the Powers with Cody Cook–Libertarian Christian Institute


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Praying against and speaking out against evil and evil men–the Bible


Praying against evil and evil men


Origen, Jusin Martyr, Tertullian, Athenagoras–on the military and military service


Quotes from the Early Church Writers on Military Service


Tertullian (ca. 155 – ca. 240 CE): From The Apology– Why Christians Are Counted Public Enemies


Woe unto you that are rich! for you have received your consolation


How Christians And Conservatives Are Destroying Our Republic – by Chuck Baldwin–Pastor Chuck Baldwin




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Unfortunately, the public school is the closest thing we have to an American church, and very few people ever summon the courage to be heretics–Tom Woods



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