Aristophanes, Central Planning, and the Enduring Appeal of Utopian Fantasies

“The idea that an omniscient computer can automate planning and remove human flaws from the process is a fantasy.

Ludwig von Mises’s essay “Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth,” references Aristophanes’ play The Birds and the medieval fantasy of the idyllic and work-free Land of Cockaigne when Mises notes of socialist planners that,”

Economics as such figures all too sparsely in the glamorous pictures painted by the Utopians. They invariably explain how, in the cloud-cuckoo lands of their fancy, roast pigeons will in some way fly into the mouths of the comrades, but they omit to show how this miracle is to take place.–YXX9u5zEoJWkORCKT0HnJaPWlTpXsj8rF2tqE8_JirKWXbiL57eNMzE2rxLOqRp-sYRpY1zUEhsH5JBdmRY_OGlFq4w&_hsmi=73520900