Violence Erupts As West Turns Its Sexual Subversion Weapon On Georgia

“If anyone was under the impression that established religion was a thing of the past in secular, postmodern societies, he, she, it, they, ze, sie, hir, co, or ey are mistaken. There is in fact an official religion of the “democratic” West, and LGBT++ etcetera is it.”


Failure to speak against evil and passivity–WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY? And what did Dietrich Bonhoeffer say?


Psalm 94:16-17

16 Who will rise up for Me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for Meagainst the workers of iniquity?

17 Unless the Lord had been my help, my soul had almost dwelt in silence.

Today in America who has accepted the help of the Lord to avoid his soul dwelling in silence?  Richard Duke

Psalm: Who will rise up for Me against evil or stand up for Me against workers of iniquity?