Bernie Seeks to Bail Out Bankers, Lawyers, Doctors (Via student debt “relief”)

A Loud Opinion On Economics While Remaining in A State of Ignorance–Murray N. Rothbard


Mass of men: have no force of intellect or character


From The Washington Free Beacon)

“If Republicans stood up and said they were going to pass a $1.6 trillion tax cut exclusively for people who had already attended college or grad school, and that the biggest benefits were going to people who trained to be surgeons, democratic socialist types would probably think it was insane,” Slate’s Jordan Weissmann wrote Monday. “And yet, that’s pretty much what universal student debt relief is—at least if you look at it in isolation.”


Political Power and Economic Ignorance


“The phenomenon of economic ignorance is so widespread, and its consequences so frightening, that the objective of reducing that ignorance becomes a goal invested with independent moral worth…”—Kirzner


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A conscientious moralist or churchman would not consider meddling in controversies concerning technological or therapeutical methods without having sufficiently familiarized himself with all the physical, chemical and physiological problems involved. Yet many of them think that ignorance of economics is no bar to handling economic issues. . .Mises