The corrupt system will never police itself

“False hope breeds crippling apathy. This is what I have to think to myself when I see the news media fervor over the second arrest of billionaire Jefferey Epstein or similar events which in most cases end up fading into the background and forgotten. The public’s favorite distraction has always been to watch high profile people kicked out of their castles in the clouds; but I would point out that even when the globalists sacrifice one of their own in the public eye it is usually only to satiate the masses and their hunger for justice for a very short time. The system is not designed to root out evil, it is designed to obscure it.

How about the Bernie Madoff scandal? Madoff runs a Ponzi scheme that devoured $65 billion in client funds and he is sentenced to 150 years in prison, but JP Morgan, the bank that helped Madoff move his stolen money, got nothing more than a fine.”