The Four Dimensions Of The Fake Money Order

If a true statement has ever been made, the following quote is true. People have “faith” in a fake dollar made up of paper and digital entries, backed by nothing. The fractional reserve system is evil. People also have faith in fake Keynesian fraudulent numbers. And make massive amounts of “money” off this fiat fakery–fake, legalized counterfeit currency and legalized counterfeit fake fractional reserve credit. This–unequal weights and measures–is an abomination to God. (My comments are against the state [government] and its cronies who extract from the non-government-connected people and businesses and firms, especially the poor, for their benefit.) Richard Duke

“…in today’s fake money world, clear thinking and honest appraisal are handicaps for investors.

To begin, in today’s fake money world, clear thinking and honest appraisal are handicaps for investors.  What is really important is the inverse relationship between the economy and the stock market.  Good economic reports are bad for stocks.  Conversely, bad economic reports are good for stocks.”