Isaiah’s Job-by Albert Jay Nock (Reading of Essay)

This is referring to Isaiah of the Bible. Learn how the Bible defines two words: masses and remnant. Richard Duke

Isaiah’s Job-Albert Jay Noch (printed version of essay)

Albert Jay Nock

“…since in such circumstances the popular favorite [of the masses] is generally some Barabbas.

The picture which Isaiah presents of the Judean masses is most unfavorable. In his view, the mass man — be he high or be he lowly, rich or poor, prince or pauper — gets off very badly. He appears as not only weak minded and weak willed, but as by consequence knavish, arrogant, grasping, dissipated, unprincipled, unscrupulous.

Apparently, then, if the Lord’s word is good for anything — I do not offer any opinion about that, — the only element in Judean society that was particularly worth bothering about was the Remnant. Isaiah seems finally to have got it through his head that this was the case; that nothing was to be expected from the masses, but that if anything substantial were ever to be done in Judea, the Remnant would have to do it. This is a very striking and suggestive idea; but before going on to explore it, we need to be quite clear about our terms. What do we mean by the masses, and what by the Remnant?

“Great men are almost always bad men”-Lord Acton


“If, say, you are a preacher, you wish to attract as large a congregation as you can, which means an appeal to the masses; and…adapting the terms of your message to the order of intellect and character that the masses exhibit.”


A few words from the Preface of his new book: Christian Economics-Volume 4: Scholar’s Edition, Dr. Gary North


Isaiah 57: America’s Depraved Elites, Mass Man And The Remnant


“Meanwhile, the Remnant, aware of this adulteration…turn their backs on the prophet [of the masses] and will have nothing to do with him or his message.”


The presence as a Christian Scholar will embarrass the other faculty members-Dr. Gary North


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