The presence as a Christian Scholar will embarrass the other faculty members-Dr. Gary North

“You may think that God has called you to be a scholar. He has called very few people to this form of service through the ages. There are salaried scholars in colleges and universities today, but this was not a widespread phenomenon until after World War II. If you decide to be a Christian scholar who goes to the Bible in search of first principles and also specific applications, you will find it difficult to be employed as a professor. Your presence on the faculty will embarrass the other faculty members. Also, you will be requited by the department to assign textbooks and monographs that are structured in terms of humanism’s principles of interpretation. So, your scholarship will have to be mostly outside the classroom unless you are granted a degree of independence that is rare. Do not count on such independence. Scholarship will have to become your calling, which I define as follows: ‘The most important thing you can do with your life in which you would be most difficult to replace.'”

Christian Economics-Volume 4: Scholar’s Edition, Preface, vi-vii, Dr. Gary North

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