Hell’s Top Banker Explains “How To Destroy The Global Economy”

Affluence is the Major Issue for the Church Today


“Monetary Inflation: An Economic and Ethical Evil”

For proof that the above post (Monetary Inflation: An Economics and Ethical Evil) is accurate, LISTEN TO THE FOLLOWING:

Inflation: Its Cultural and Political Consequences–Interview of Guido Hülsmann–Tom Woods Show


Effectively we’ve split the world into two economies. A real economy which is sad, miserable and deflating, and a financial economy that’s insanely optimistic, massively inflated and ripe to pop on the back of free money.”


“Bill Blain’s new book, The Fifth Horseman – How to Destroy the Global Economy, has been attracting much comment. It’s a tongue-in-cheek polemical sideswipe at Central Bankers, Regulators and Politicians for the poor and mistaken policies that have fuelled the ongoing global financial crisis since 2017.

Since 2007 we’ve been turning the Other Side’s successful innovation of financial markets against them. Global Financial Markets are incredibly rich in opportunities to distort truth, hide lies, and undermine mankind – generating immediate greed, envy, suspicion and anger. We’ve uncovered previously unimaginable ways in which to financially screw the World with consequences that impact everyone.

We’ve overlaid the programme with our mastery and understanding of temptation, human greed, avarice and pride, while adding subtlety and cunning. We merely suggest and advise. We are facilitating the train-wreck of the global economy by destroying asset values while confounding their understanding of money and wealth – the pillars of their society.

At its simplest form we are manipulating and driving constant market instability to keep mankind distracted. Uncertainty clouds their future expectations – so we keep it raining. A Mortgage crisis one year, followed by a Sovereign Debt crisis the next, spiced with a couple of bank failures, and threats of global trade war. Overlay with confusion and distraction such as social media, fake news, Bitcoin and populism, and it all works rather well.”



Culture: achievement, affluence and appearance; Christianity: none of that


Money answers all things–Ecclesiastes


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Referring to Bishop Nicholas Oresme and Ludwig von Mises: “And it is likely that our own civilization, which cherishes learning by doing more than learning, will take the same course.” Jörg Guido Hülsmann


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