Hayek Was Right, Keynes Was Not An Economist



Hayek on Keynes’s Ignorance of Economics (Video)

“Although Keynes attended religious services until in his teens, as he once explained to a friend, he was confident that Huxley had exploded the whole Christian religion. He wrote another friend, telling him that Christians were irrational and exhibited stubborn pride: “They don’t want to admit that a position they’ve taken up with confidence is untenable.” According to Keynes, Christianity represented “tradition, convention and hocus pocus.’”



Keynes was a failed investor and never studied economics


Who is John Maynard Keynes and how dangerous is his Marxist system of economics?


Who was John Maynard Keynes?–Keynesian economics


Keynes possessed only a very limited knowledge of economics in general, and of the market processes of entrepreneurial coordination in particular


Keynesian Predictions vs. American History | Thomas E. Woods, Jr.



Political Power and Economic Ignorance


Hayek on Keynes’s Ignorance of Economics (Video)


“‘Social engineering’–a synonym for dictatorship and totalitarian tyranny. The idea is to treat human beings in the same way in which the engineer treats the stuff out of which he builds his bridges, roads, and machines.”–Mises


Nassim Nicholas Taleb: mathematics, engineering and social science—how they are alike and differ


As the behaviorist tells us, man can be thought of as “an assembled organic machine ready to run.”3 He disregards the fact that while machines run the way the engineer and the operator make them run, men run spontaneously here and there. “At birth human infants, regardless of their heredity, are as equal as Fords.”4Starting from this manifest falsehood, the behaviorist proposes to operate the “human Ford” the way the operator drives his car. He acts as if he owned humanity and were called upon to control and to shape it according to his own designs. For he himself is above the law, the god sent ruler of mankind.”


Positivism and Behaviorism–Mises


Nassim Nicholas Taleb: mathematics, engineering and social science—how they are alike and differ


C. S. Lewis on Mere Liberty and the Evils of Statism


Antonio Gramsci–described how the state and ruling class use cultural institutions to maintain power



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