Book: The Problem with Seminaries-Dr. Gary North (Audio)

When you preach what they wanna hear vs. when you preach the truth!


Book: The Problem with Seminaries-Gary North (PDF)


The presence as a Christian Scholar will embarrass the other faculty members-Dr. Gary North


The campus next door provides our theology students with their baptized Keynesian economics-Dr. Gary North


Darwin rescued rebellious Western man from Christianity’s theology of moral transgression and its doctrine of eternal doom–Dr. Gary North


Humanistic testing and models, and the systematic rejection of biblical revelation-Dr. Gary North


“Dear Dr. North: My Pastor Says…” (Laymen who care about theology are rare)-Dr. Gary North


“Meanwhile, the Remnant, aware of this adulteration…turn their backs on the prophet [of the masses] and will have nothing to do with him or his message.”


“Everyone with a message nowadays is…eager to take it to the masses…and the only thought is mass acceptance and approval…to put his doctrine in such shape as will capture the masses’ attention and approval…”


“If, say, you are a preacher, you wish to attract as large a congregation as you can, which means an appeal to the masses; and…adapting the terms of your message to the order of intellect and character that the masses exhibit.”


The prophet of the Remnant does not need to advertise for them nor resort to any schemes of publicity to get their attention, as does the prophet of the Masses


General Introduction to the book: The Dominion Covenant–vol. 1 of 31 volumes–An Economic Commentary on the Bible, Dr. Gary North


Gary North’s Christian Economics: The Ethics of Destruction–Christian Libertarian Institute (second article evaluating Gary North’s book, Christian Economics in One Lesson.)


Is there a Christian view of economics?–Libertarian Christian Institute–Introduction to Gary North (first article evaluating Gary North’s book, Christian Economics in One Lesson.)


Is there a Christian view of economics? (Includes discussions of positions of Gary North, Henry Hazlitt and Frédéric Bastiat)


The Social Gospel for Evangelicals: The Politics of Guilt-Manipulation—Dr. Gary North


Memo to Protestant Evangelicals: Do Your Homework Before You Go into Print—Dr. Gary North


Isaiah’s Critique Of Inflation—Gary North


Why Biblical Economics Is Ignored Today—Dr. Gary North


Governments Have Been Corrupt Since Before Christ


Researching our free wills given by God; and finding those trying to reduce or remove our free wills–by Richard Duke


Jesus: A man in charge of 100 sheep goes after one that is LOST does NOT mean he goes after a new sheep


Matthew 13: Many prophets and righteous men cannot see and hear in order to understand the Kingdom


Matthew 13: Those not in the Kingdom will be cast into the furnace of fire where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth


Matthew 13–the Kingdom of God


The Centrality of God’ Kingdom


Isaiah’s Job-by Albert Jay Nock (Reading of Essay)


Isaiah’s Job-Albert Jay Noch (printed version of essay)

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