What if the Majority Voted for “None of the Above”?

“Allowing a space on the ballot for “none of the above” would be a step in the right direction toward a slightly less farcical political system.”

The Myth of Majority Rule

“The enormous power and influence wielded by the minority explains why a majority of citizens do not trust their government . It may also explain why many citizens choose not to vote. It is often the case that the total number of “non-votes” are considerably higher than the number of votes for the winning candidate. If NOTA was on the ballot, perhaps many non-voters would become voters, especially if a NOTA win was recognized as a genuine win, and not merely symbolic.

The fact that NOTA is not a genuine, non-symbolic ballot option indicates that the ruling class, despite their propaganda, merely pays lip service to the democratic principles of “majority rule,” consent of the governed,” and “the will of the people.”