Liz Warren Wants To Know If JPMorgan Caused Repo Turmoil To Force Fed Into Launching QE

Nope. As we’ve explained, it is all the US government’s red ink that has triggered this crisis. Remember that big dealers like Morgan are required by law to buy that debt from the Treasury. If they can’t resell right away, and the government keeps holding the interest rate down, you get the current situation.”
(From Zerohedge)
What Warren – who very well may be president of the US in just over a year’s time – indirectly suggests… is that one bank – which on October 2 we disclosed was JPMorgan – deliberately yanked cash from money markets in order to “suddenly” tighten financial conditions, in the process causing a funding crisis and sparking the Sept 16 repocalypse (which “coincidentally” took place on the 11th anniversary of the Lehman collapse).