How Micro-School Networks Expand Learning Options

“A blend between homeschooling and private schooling, micro-schools retain the curriculum freedom and schedule flexibility characteristic of homeschooling.”

“Technology has the potential to decentralize K-12 education and make it more learner-directed, upending a top-down system in favor of individual autonomy and self-determination. But the technology can’t do this alone. It requires a learning environment that fosters creativity and curiosity, using digital platforms and supportive adults to facilitate exploration and discovery. The entrepreneurial educators at Prenda, an Arizona-based network of micro-schools, think they have uncovered the right mix of powerful technology and warm, nurturing learning spaces that could help to transform education.”–Jtfb0D8imfg6Ux4BJWAFxJIyQSLztrbJuajhifO833PRiUOXHgY6ZKSdAoicUTobfTVB-ahU8MQ99xVAmRUbmloKZWw&_hsmi=78743860