Currency Debasement and Social Collapse-Mises

How Fiat Money Destroys Culture–Guido Hülsmann

Ludwig von Mises

“Knowledge of the effects of government interference with market prices makes us comprehend the economic causes of a momentous historical event, the decline of ancient civilization.

The Roman Empire crumbled to dust because it lacked the spirit of liberalism [classical liberalism] and free enterprise. The policy of interventionism and its political corollary, the Führer principle, decomposed the mighty empire as they will by necessity always disintegrate and destroy any social entity.”


Money answers all things–Ecclesiastes


Nehemiah: The king and his nobles (cronies) extracting from the people through debased silver


“Monetary Inflation: An Economic and Ethical Evil”


How Fiat Money Destroys Culture–Guido Hülsmann


Inflation: Its Cultural and Political Consequences–Interview of Guido Hülsmann–Tom Woods Show


Monetary inflation depends on who gets the money first and who gets it last