Politics, and especially the impeachment proceedings and the news it spawns, are distractions from THE extremely serious and vexing problems–Richard Duke

‘Loaded like a Christmas tree’: Pork-laden spending bill looms as impeachment distracts Congress

Money answers all things–Ecclesiastes

Please remember that in 1 Timothy (all of the book of Timothy), Paul a Rabbi, is speaking To Timothy, a Rabbi. So 1 Timothy is written FOR clergy today–especially 1 Timothy 6, which contains at verse 10, the following: “The love of money is the root of all evil…”


Politics and the impeachment the proceedings, for a specific example, and the news media, are distractions. They distract from the serious monetary and debt problems (no money exists-only credit and debt) that are about to blow up. 

Why Gold Still Matters-The Human Action Podcast

(The above explains that no money exists. One cannot go to the bank and redeem  money. The dollar is a Federal Reserve Note. He can only get more of the same–paper, digital entries, etc. Listen to the individual on this podcast explain in detail.)

History shows over, and over, and over how the government–and those behind it including the deep state and those behind the deep state, specifically international bankers–use many distractions to keep minds of people off the real problems. (Jesus used a whip, based on the true meaning from the Greek word, not on Pharisees, but bankers.)

If one thinks he can understand that methodological individualism is truthful and factual. What does this mean?  When we say “nation” or “country” what do this mean?  When the U.S. chooses to go to war or attack other jurisdications, are YOU AND I the U.S.?  No, only SOME individual decide to go to war or attack other jurisdictions. ONLY INDIVIDUALS MAKE DECISIONS BECAUSE ALL PEOPLE DO NOT AND DID NOT CONTROL AGREE WITH THE CHOICES AND DECISIONS OF THE SO-CALLED GOVERNMENT THAT IS MADE UP OF MEN AND WOMEN AND THOSE MORE POWERFUL BEHIND THEM.

Jesus and Paul talked much about money! Who turned over the money changers in the temple (His Father’s temple)?


New Testament contains 215 verses pertaining to faith; 218 pertaining to salvation; and 2,084 dealing with money matters


Debasement and Crony Capitalism; Nothing is New Under the Sun-Richard Duke


Micah 6: wicked balances and bag of deceitful weights


Hidden behind ‘the love of money is the root of all evil’ is Mammon—the god of finance. Part One—Audio (Richard Duke)


Hidden behind ‘the love of money is the root of all evil’ is Mammon—the god of finance. Part Two—Audio (Richard Duke)


Isaiah’s Critique Of Inflation—Gary North

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