Krieger: “It’s A Systemic Looting On A Massive Scale

It is easy to understand that the structure of the financial system is pernicious. Debased currency (silver in the Bible) is an abomination to God. Now we have debt-based currency backed by nothing, Total debauchment, and if one goes to the bank to redeem his so-called “money” he gets back what he put in–another note-Federal Reserve Note (debt). Inflation, which is the creation of currency and credit out of thin air (fiat–let it be done) benefits the first recipients of the counterfeit currency and credit (making it legal does not change the fact that it is counterfeit AND AN ABOMINATION TO GOD): the so-called government (government is made of people), then the bankers, then the workers for the government, and then the political capitalists (cronies). The last recipients of the fiat currency and credit are the poor. It is easy to understand that this pernicious structured monetary system is an abomination to God. Each time the Fed lowers interest rates, for example, more people become poor and more of the poor become sicker and more of the poor die. God informed us of this in the Bible. Why do few people understand that this the so-called monetary system is a fraud and an abomination to God? I know why.

Is this being preached? Why not? Does the destruction of the poor please God? So why are so many having a great time in congregations while abominations to God are occurring that is not being spoken against in pulpits? After all abominations to God must be preached. Money and finances are discussed many more times that salvation and love combined in the Bible. So pleading ignorance is not an excuse. LISTEN TO PASTOR CHUCK BALDWIN FROM THE POST BELOW. Richard Duke


“Financial services as currently structured is the most pernicious, predatory and corrupt industry on earth…

It is systemic looting on a massive scale and the primary patrons of this ongoing and seemingly endless scheme are central banks. In the U.S. this means the Federal Reserve, which recently came back into the “market” with enormous new interventions in both the repo market and via renewed balance sheet expansion. I’ve read many of the smart takes on the repo crisis and still don’t feel confident I know precisely what’s going on. This is intentional.”


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