Polylogism-a false axiom used in many ideologies such as Marxism

Years ago I learned about polylogism and the other techniques of those who hate individual freedom–such as positivism, historicism, engineeing people, etc., [can be searched on this blog]–from Ludwig von Mises, specifically reading his magnum opus, Human Action. All these techniques from the globalists are for the purpose of reducing and completely removing our free wills, given to us by God. (you can search free will on this blog). Richard Duke

Mises on polylogism-Human Action


Polylogism is the notion that different groups of people have different and incompatible modes of logic. Polylogism is a false axiom used in many ideologies (Marxism, etc) to form the basis of irreconcilable differences between the different groups.

See MisesWiki for a full discussion of polylogism:


“Remarkably, as early as 1949, Mises, writing in Human Action, had seen how the left would apply this menacing doctrine to race theory. Racial polylogists nod in agreement with the Nazis who said there was a specifically ‘German’ way of thinking that is valid in its own terms. The members of racial groups, too, have different structures of mind, and so all judgments regarding valid and invalid forms of reasoning are either arbitrary or an expression of group self-interest.

In practice, this results in the exaltation of irrationalism and the demand that any theory that asserts the universality of logic and truth [such as the Bible-Richard Duke]–meaning practically all Western thought–is to be done away with. In modern academia, where polylogism reached its wits end, there is only one invalid and evil way of looking at the world: with Western eyes using Western concepts such as truth and reason.”

Against the Left-A Rothbardian Libertariasm, p. 98, Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. 

Book: Against the Left by Rockwell Jr., Llewellyn H.


Against the Left-Lew Rockwell.com


Ludwig von Mises: Many (without knowing it) are under the sway of the Communist Manifesto (from Human Action)


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