10 years of tech that changed us (A seriously important article-Richard Duke)

Derek Prince (passed away in 2002 – http://www.derekprince.org) – taught that in this age (time outside the realm of eternity) no SINGLE-EDGED sword exists. What did he mean? He meant, there is no up without down; left without right; north without south; east without west; down without up; good without bad: light without dark; God of eternity without god of this age. Richard Duke

The greater the invention, the greater the dark-side use of that invention: great invention; great evil use. In my opinion, brainwashing is easy and it is rampant. Critical thinking is almost gone–and knowledge, because of mainstream Keynesian economics brainwashing, of human action economics is of small existence [but growing] (and most people do not care because of the love of materialism). Richard Duke

If you were taking a real estate exam in order to obtain a license, do you believe that you (anyone) will study very hard and treat the exam seriously. After all, no license, no position. Substitute for real estate the following, but no limited to the following: law, CPA, Securities 7 exam, etc. Do we treat the Bible this seriously or are we spoon fed by pastors? In other words, which controls us: love of work and materialism or love of God and the Bible? After all if we do not treat God seriously (He requires being number one), then no…Richard Duke


“The downside to the streaming revolution is we’ve handed even more power over to technology companies, to whom we have to continue paying rent for content … forever.”



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