Investors have enjoyed a bull market for the ages — but many Americans have been left out

“Consider that at the beginning of the decade many people in the middle class lost their homes and other assets in the “Great Recession.” For many, any wealth they had was liquidated just to survive.

Others however, those with enough wealth to weather the storm, held onto their assets. In many cases these people were able to buy up new investments when they were cheap. With the help of the Federal Reserve many of the well-off became much better off. This is what happens when an economy is centrally planned for the bankers and honest money is totally jettisoned.

(From The Seattle Times)

“If you owned stocks, bonds, real estate, hard assets, you benefited,” said Michael Farr, president of Farr, Miller & Washington, an investment firm in Washington. “Prices on everything from parking lots to publicly traded equities went dramatically higher.”

Some might call this inflation.”


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