The Schizophrenia and Healing of the American Church

“The saddest part of Christian leadership in America is its schizophrenic attitude towards war perpetrated by the state both at home and in foreign soil. It is a bizarre sight to behold when the church (of various mainline denominations), intended to be the ultimate force for peace, reconciliation, and justice, urges the United States President not to withdraw troops from Syria. Evangelical leaders such as Franklin Graham even went as far as to pray that President Trump might change his mind and postpone the withdrawal.

Why hasn’t the evangelical church in America questioned its government’s close involvement with the governments of Saudi Arabia? Why hasn’t it questioned America’s close ties with bizarre propagandist actors in Syria such as the White Helmets, an organization known to have assisted in human rights violations, and rebel factions that have carried out unspeakable acts of murder. Why hasn’t it spoken out against the so-called war on drugs, which continues to imprison countless non-violent offenders at home?”