Diversity Despotism at Universities


Universities in the liberal arts are supposed to embody the best knowledge and ethics of the Western tradition and faithfully transmit them to the next generation.” Professor Abraham H. Miller writes, “They were supposed to be a haven for open discourse, for tolerating ideas whose value was based not on whose identity they promoted but how well they could be defended against an empirical reality.”** But the old notion of a university as a refuge for free thought and expression is dead. In the Orwellian world of the modern campus, diversity means conformity; students and faculty are forced to commit to a set of progressive beliefs, any deviation from which invites reprisals from the PC bureaucracy, or, in some cases, harassment by radical student enforcers.”

**(footnote 36 in book)

Abraham H. Miller, “The Campus and the Tyranny of Diversity,” Daily Wire, November 15, 2017.

Professor Miller notes that the advent of diversity on campus also required a bureaucracy to oversee and impose it. But “bureaucracies are like cancers; they constantly need to grow.” The diversity bureaucracy became a progressive priesthood. “[S]teeped in the political correctness theme of the evil of white privilege and the sanctity of minorities that survived it, the new class [is] on a mission to morally rearm the universities.” The growing programs require more students, who have been “recruited irrespective of their qualifications.” “Some of them experience academic frustration, and frustration leads to anger and militancy.” But the militancy feeds the system because “if there are no diversity issues on campus, there is no need for an identify-based bureaucracy, sensitivity sessions, and a shadow university’s indoctrination session in the residence hall.” So the self-perpetuating system expands in costlier directions evermore divisive and underwritten by massive student loan debt and federal grants. “The University of Michigan, for example, has more than 200 employees devoted to diversity, equity and inclusion.”**

**(footnote 37)

Robert Sellers, “DEI Work is Critical at the University,” The Michigan Daily, April 9, 2017.

“Meanwhile nonpolitical students “majoring in legitimate fields have neither the time nor the energy to protest“—and would be smacked down if they did.

(footnote 38—don’t know where it goes)

Miller, “The Campus and the Tyranny of Diversity,” Daily Wire, November 15, 2017

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Book: Erasing America-Losing Our Future By Destroying Our Past