It’s Easy to Believe AOC Has An Economics Degree

“But why is it so hard to believe that she has a degree in economics?

This can only be the case because far too many people have rather inaccurate ideas about what is taught in economics programs nowadays.

The truth is in there is very little emphasis on understanding markets. The emphasis is now on using economics to justify state action in the economy. And any bias that may have once existed in favor of unhampered markets in these departments is vanishing.

Meanwhile, AOC’s critics make fun of her for being a bartender. But they’re getting things backward. Being a bartender is possibly the most respectable things on her C.V. These snide remarks one often sees about ‘the bartender AOC’ seem to assume bartending is some sort of disreputable line of work that only idiots pursue. But if she’d worked longer and harder at it than at her economics degree, she might have a better understanding of reality than that given to her by the professional economists at Boston U.”