Why You Should Read Human Action in 2020-The Human Action Podcast

Jeff DeistShawn Ritenour

Human Action is the book you want to read, you need to read, you’ve thought about reading. So make 2020 the year you do read it!

Over the next seven weeks the Human Action Podcast will guide you through this incredibly vital and intellectually transforming work, with a series of guest economists to explain and bring Mises’s most important work to life.

Our opening show features Dr. Shawn Ritenour of Grove City College, who makes a compelling case for lay readers to engage with Human Action. Jeff Deist and Professor Ritenour share plenty of great background, insights, and anecdotes about Mises and the context surrounding the book, so this is an episode you don’t want to miss.”



Human Action Part One with David Gordon-The Human Action Podcast


“…But not everybody is equipped to read 900-page books in this society…does that make people who are actually willing to read 900-page books more important or less important to society?…”-Jeff Deist


Book: Human Action, The Scholar’s Edition, by Ludwig von Mises


Mises: What is the main question that economics is bound to answer?


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