What is “human action”?-Ludwig von Mises succinctly answers

Mises first words in his book, Human Action, begins the discussion of what human action is:

“Human action is purposeful behavior. Or we may say: Action is will put into operation and transformed into an agency, is aiming at ends and goals, is the ego’s meaningful response to stimuli and to the conditions of the environment, is a conscious adjustment to the state of the universe that determines his life. Such paraphrases may clarify the definition given and prevent possible misinterpretations. But the definition itself is adequate and does not need complement or commentary…

The field of our science is human action, not the psychological events which result in an action. It is precisely this which distinguishes the general theory of human action, praxeology, from psychology. The theme of praxeology is action as such…”

Human Action, pp. 11-12, Ludwig von Mises.