Pastor Chuck Baldwin and QAnan

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October 21, 2018 ·

Finally, people are starting to figure out that QAnon is–and was from the beginning–nothing but a hoax. I have been telling people from the git-go that QAnon is a giant fraud.

People are so desperate to believe that Donald Trump is America’s savior that they are willing to believe almost anything that gives credence to that belief.

Let me be clear: Donald Trump is not a modernday King Cyrus, John the Baptist or fulfillment of anyone’s prophecy. He’s not even a conservative–and most certainly, he is no constitutionalist.

At best, Trump is a slick opportunist or at worst, he is a diabolical con man. Either way, he is as controlled by the same Neocon/Zionist/Saudi Arabian warmongers and nation-builders as were Barack Obama and G.W. Bush.

Maybe, just maybe, the exposure of QAnon as the swindle that it is will be the start of people beginning to see through the Trump charade.

See this investigative report about the QAnon hoax:


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