Coronavirus Panic: From Trillion-Dollar Paternalism to “Cash for Bunkers”

“You are not even allowed to ask: “Is the price we’re paying worth it?” or “Is this an abundance of caution, or an overdose?”. Theserious peopleattack anyone who urges calm and encourages others to adopt a “don’t panic” approach. The new party line is: panic = virtue.

There is a silver lining to all of the heavy-handed economic paternalism and creeping authoritarianism, though. While many Americans are begging for more government in their lives, a handful of others are growing skeptical of inviting Washington, D.C., and state governments to contravene our republic’s principles of federalism, subsidiarity, and freedom of assembly. These skeptics are quietly going about their business, localizing their lives. Neighbors are shopping for their elderly neighbors, families are caring for one another, and parents are defying the Federal Reserve and saving for the futures of their children.”