The Costs Are Mounting in this Government-Imposed Economic Collapse

“Almost everyone affected by this cascade of government orders—which pretty much means all of us—has an opinion ranging from that this is not a serious health threat (compared even to the common flu) to the possible need for martial law (from California governor Gavin Newsome). Military terms such as “shelter in place” now are part of ordinary language as governments at every level issue orders, with governors competing to see how they can be perceived as being “in charge” as they bark out increasingly draconian commands, threatening deadly force if necessary.

There are some things we do know. We know that this is not 1918, contra Fauci, and that COVID-19 is not the Spanish flu, which ravaged the globe for more than a year, killing more than a half million people in the USA alone. In 1918, the world was at war, and even without war, life expectancy in the United States was about fifty-three years (compared to near eighty today). Epidemics from measles, polio, whooping cough, yellow fever, cholera, and even malaria were a way of life for Americans, not to mention those in other parts of the globe that were poorer.”