It’s Time to Track the FDA’s Death Toll

“The Food and Drug Administration helped turn the coronavirus from a deadly peril into a national catastrophe. Long after foreign nations had been ravaged and many cases had been detected in America, the FDA continued blocking private testing. The FDA continued forcing the nation’s most innovative firms to submit to its command-and-control approach notwithstanding the pandemic. South Korean is in a far better situation dealing with coronavirus, because its government did not preemptively cripple private testing.

Dr. David Kessler, who became FDA commissioner in 1990, quickly sought to intimidate the companies that his agency regulates. A laudatory Washington Post article concluded, ‘What he cannot accomplish with ordinary regulation, Kessler hopes to accomplish with fear.’ Kenneth Feather of the FDA’s drug advertising surveillance branch boasted: ‘We want to say to these companies that you don’t know when or how we’ll strike. We want to eliminate predictability.’

Dr. Kessler bragged that his reforms had given FDA employees ‘a place where, once again, the good guys could win.’ And how could Americans be sure that FDA enforcement agents were the good guys? Because they worked for the government.”