“Why don’t we think about the supply and demand for money the same way we think about supply and demand for other goods and services? I think that lets politicians get away with nefarious activities.”-Jeff Deist

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Jeff Deist:



How Fiat Money Destroys Culture–Guido Hülsmann


“Monetary Inflation: An Economic and Ethical Evil”


Monetary inflation depends on who gets the money first and who gets it last


(Inflation is the creation of currency and credit out of thin air benefitting the first recipients at the expense of later recipients–For example: Nehemiah 5 and the Cantillon effects.)

Quoted from:

Human Action Part Four with Dr. Jeffrey Herbener-The Human Action Podcast



Nehemiah: The king and his nobles (cronies) extracting from the people through debased silver


Micah 6: wicked balances and bag of deceitful weights


Money answers all things–Ecclesiastes


Inflation and debt destroy culture and are abominations to God


The destruction of the culture and the spiritual, the consequence of inflation (creation of currency and credit from paper and digital entries), resulting materialism and the destruction of the poor (an abomination to God)


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New Testament contains 215 verses pertaining to faith; 218 pertaining to salvation; and 2,084 dealing with money matters


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Jesus and Paul talked much about money! Who turned over the money changers in the temple (His Father’s temple)?


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