The Trump Effect

“Trump’s virtue, according to his supporters, was that he punched back. Yes, he was crude. Yes, he had his warts. Yes, he was a philanderer. But the rank-and-file saw in Trump something they hadn’t seen from one of their men in years; he was a fighter who claimed a love for America over allegiance to the globalists.

This created a phenomenon I call the Trump effect. It’s a combination of blind rage and unfettered hatred of Trump by the GOPe, the Democrat elite (and many of their voters) and the legacy mainstream media (sometimes manifested as Trump Derangement Syndrome) versus an almost cult-like allegiance and acceptance of everything Trump says and does. The latter group I’ll refer to as Trumpers.

And we may be handing away our liberties because of it.

When shown dire numbers of sickness and death spitting out of computer models from the Imperial College of England — 2.2 million Americans and more than half a million Brits would be killed by the COVID-19 disease unless drastic steps were taken to halt the spread of the virus (that have since been twice walked back by the original author) — Trump caved to the globalists and medical men surrounding him and began issuing draconian recommendations and edicts to close down the country.”