Personal statement from Richard Duke regarding “word distancing”

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The two words, social distancing (actually is “physical” distancing), are in vogue now. From the words of Jeff Deist, I began and am continuing to be focused on critical thinking. Also, the interview of Joe Salerno and Peter Klein by Tom Woods caused me to begin serious critical thinking–

“…we may find ourselves in a period of post-persuasion where we need to figure out how to unyoke ourselves politically rather than convince the rest of America…”-Jeff Deist

The foregoing quote, and additional statements made by the interviewer and Jeff Deist, were stated here:

Jeff Deist on the Government’s Response to the Coronavirus (Audio)


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He who passively accepts evil is cooperating with it–Bonhoeffer


As a result of critical thinking and due to my studying the Bible and Austrian economics and human action (a large part of praxeology), I understand that most Americans are simply brainwashed and compliant and passive without the ability or the desire to perform critical thinking. When persons in the government state issue unauthorized unconstitutional edicts that something must done or something cannot be done, many Americans not only passively comply but also believe the government (made up of individuals) has the people best interests in their minds. When individuals in government state this must be done; and persons in the government say that what they are doing for the public is best, or to protect you, they are doing so with force behind them, such as the police or army. If you do not comply, you can be fined or incarcerated. Or your business can be shut down. Lock downs are unconstitutional; and the bureaucrats are violating the Constitution.

It appears that many or maybe most in liberal/progressive states in America are complicit with all or most of what those in government say to do because, with no ability to perform critical thinking, they believe they are being taken care of by their benevolent government; and they believe in and trust th “government” not relalizing that only individuals make up the government–politicians and bureaucrats and the power of force behind them. As the individuals in the state (federal government) and other levels of government, take away our freedoms and choices and our God-given free wills, do these people being complicit with every unconstitutional edict from bureaucrats believe they are worshipping God in spirit and truth?  They do believe they are; and they are severely brainwashed. Their god is the “benevolent state” that they worship because they believe the state will take care of them. As they give up their God-given free wills, they continuously lose their ability to believe in God. These people worshipping the state cannot be in the Kingdom of God because the state is the “benevolent” king to them.

Remember that it is not the “government” (I prefer “state”–not meaning one of the 50 states), but consisting of individuals. People, or a person, in the state (federal government) are enforcing, carrying out, or making up orders. People in the government are forcing you individually to comply.  People in government are fining or incarcerating you. No state, government, or country exists without individuals. This is methodological individualism.

Praxeology–Science of Human Action by Richard Duke (Audio)


So as a result of beginning critical thinking, and with the social distancing the state and the states require because of this virus, SOCIAL DISTANCING HAS A NEW MEANING FOR ME.

My social distancing now means “WORD DISTANCING” FROM OTHERS. By this I mean that I am not allocating my time trying to teach people anymore. I have known, and especially understand now, that most people I encounter in person, and I see or hear from various places such as news, radio, television, especially the big media, etc., are simply controlled, passive and brainwashed.  No critical thinking.

So, my WORD DISTANCING means not trying to teach others but let people come to me. WORD DISTANCING also means shutting out the nonsense that I sometimes hear (or heard until those in the state shut down sitting in coffee shops) because I can no longer concern myself with their brainwashing and control by the state.

I am now acting on a secular basis (Austrian economics and related “human action” matters) and a Biblical basis in accordance with the following (AND I AM NO PROPHET BUT AM TRYING TO FOLLOW THE ACTIONS OF PROPHETS).

The prophet of the Remnant does not need to advertise for them nor resort to any schemes of publicity to get their attention, as does the prophet of the Masses


“Meanwhile, the Remnant, aware of this adulteration…turn their backs on the prophet [of the masses] and will have nothing to do with him or his message.”


“If, say, you are a preacher, you wish to attract as large a congregation as you can, which means an appeal to the masses; and…adapting the terms of your message to the order of intellect and character that the masses exhibit.”


Isaiah 57: America’s Depraved Elites, Mass Man And The Remnant


The Megachurch: Is it saving or killing Southern religion?


And, as for many years, I will not listen to the positions of the masses of any persuasion or religion, etc. (I shut their lies and deceits or misinformation or incomplete information out years ago.)  In other words, In other words, I will not pay attention to a person or persons who are bureaucrats or are leaders of the masses or large groups. 

My focus now is what I determined to be the most important two matters on earth, according to God and the Bible. First is the spiritual, which is important both on this earth and in heaven. Second is money, the most important secular thing on earth, because it facilitates everything on this earth.

As many of my posts of Bible scriptures show, nothing on this earth matters to God except the spiritual after the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. New Jerusalem or Heavenly Jerusalem appeared. Heavenly Jerusalem is the city of the Living God where Jesus carries out His New Covenant. And under Galatians, Romans, Hebrews, and verses in various other books of the New Testament, the Kingdom of God is the Spirit of Jesus in a person’s heart. If a person does not have the Spirit of Jesus in his heart, Galatians says his mother is the spirit of Hagar, the bondwoman; and if the Spirit of Jesus is in a person’s heart, his mother is spiritual Heavenly Jerusalem. The Bible also states that if a person does not have the Spirit of Jesus in his heart, he is none of His (Jesus).

The Bible states: Money answers ALL things. The Bible also states that the one thing on earth that is the ROOT of ALL EVIL is the LOVE of MONEY. The Bible does not say anything else is the ROOT of ALL EVIL. (Note that rabbi Paul is speaking TO rabbi Timothy and so this is FOR clerics today. I recommend that you read 1 Timothy 6:1-10 slowly and carefully!) 

I stated above that “money” facilitates everything. (Bible–money answers all things.) So, it is both the greatest thing–as a medium of exchange and facilitator–and the worst thing (love of money). These opposites are easily explainable.  In this age (realm outside the realm of eternity), not two-edged sword exists. For examples: No north exists without south; no up without down; no good without evil; no left without right; and no God without satan.  So the opposite of the greatest facilitator of obtaining things on earth, including water and food, has as its opposite: evil (the love of money is the root of all evil). (Voluntary transactions such as your being able to purchase what you want at what you consider a good price, and the owner’s ability to sell at a price that makes a good profit is NOT an equal exchange. Both the seller, in their valuations, benefitted, with the buyer believing he is better off from the purchase and the seller believing he is better off from the sale.)

Money is a commodity that acts only as a medium of exchange. We cannot eat money; we cannot wash the car with money; we cannot heal ourselves with money. Money is a medium of exchange and facilitates everything on this earth. Most people believe they “want more money”; they do not. They want what money can get them now or in the future. That is why the PURCHASING POWER of money is so important. With inflation (creation of money and credit out of thin air) the purchasing power is reduced and the first recipients of newly-created currency and credit benefit at the expense of later recipients, especially the poor. Inflation is an abomination (detestable) to God.

I prefer to use the word “currency” for two reasons: (i) it is the accurate description; and (ii) no money exists because it is all DEBT.

If someone is saving his currency, it is not because he wants money (most believe it is money); he wants the money to facilitate the realization of something in the future, such as a better retirement, or a new house, of a child’s education (be careful about this potential waste), etc.

Jeff Deist:

“This (the so-called stimulus checks) is an awfully specious promise from Washington, D.C. Two weeks from now, a month from now, are they going to have to pass another bill? I mean, that’s how it is all around the country at the end of the day. It all comes down to money and the value of it. And when you mess with that (money), you mess with everything in society. The ramifications that cascade through society. I mean the messing with money, causing inflation (creation of money and credit out of thin air) is not just an economics issue. It erodes inter-generational relationships big time; it creates alcoholism; it creates vast problems that spread across the whole society. You wouldn’t even just consider it…economic problems.

The wonderful thing about talking about money, and value and a store of value, and getting government away from money is it doesn’t really have an economic component. It is something you can talk to someone in any political stripe and say…this money they are spending in Washington that they (government) don’t have, it’s not neutral. It’s (the trillions in stimulus) going to go to Wall Street, Boeing, Delta, in ways it’s not going to come to you…This allows discussions across political lines.” 

Quoted from the below:

Jeff Deist on the Government’s Response to the Coronavirus (Audio)


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