Should Christians Just Shut Up When the Government Speaks?-Laurence Vance



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1 Samuel 8: God, the people want a king. God said a king will rule over you, make instruments of war, take your fields, etc.


Mises Institute profile of Laurence Vance:

“I am not on Twitter for the same reason I am not on Facebook: I have too little free time to waste it. However, I do occasionally receive examples of some of the more ridiculous things on Twitter and Facebook from friends and acquaintances who do have more free time than I do.”

A case in point is a tweet by a pastor who obviously hangs on every word the mainstream media and the government have to say about the coronavirus since he believes that all churches should shut down during this coronavirus insanity so Christians can practice “social distancing.” Here is a recent tweet of his that a friend send me:

As Americans, our Mangiven freedom of speech seems to have overridden our God-commanded fear of authority. We need to repent of this, as complaining against & defying God-given authority is sin (unless they tell us to do something sinful). To be clear, not uncomfortable. Sinful.

Where do I (Laurence Vance) begin?

(From the below website: 9. The Bible tells Christians to “be not deceived” (Galatians 6:7). The coronavirus panic and insanity that has gripped the United States is all based on government distortions and lies. Just a little reading beyond the mainstream media makes this perfectly clear; e.g., David StockmanBill Sardi, and Jon Rappoport, to name just three. The pastor is deceived.)


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The Greek word for Moneychangers is: BANKERS: 

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