Virus Crackdowns Par for the Courts

“If you ask most protestors in the states, it’s the hypocrisy that’s bothering them — not the commonsense rules. In places like Washington State, columnists raged at the double standards of governors like Jay Inslee (D), whose orders insist, “Private home construction must stop, but Sound Transit construction can continue. Private landscapers are out of work, but [counties] can still dispatch crews to trim grass in closed parks…” In Michigan, you can’t buy flower seeds, but you can buy weed. And in Kansas, families can drive-through a Sonic, but not parking lot church service.

Public safety is important,” Alliance Defending Freedom’s (ADF) Tyson Langhofer agreed, “but so is following the Constitution.” And when local officials use the virus crisis to overreach, it’s time to push back. That’s exactly what people are doing across MississippiKansasCaliforniaNorth Carolina, and other states where government is abusing power to crack down on Christians and conservatives.”