When the School House Is Your House…

“The coronavirus has made life miserable for plenty of people — but for the extreme Left, it’s a nightmare. For the first time in recent memory, America’s children are learning at home, beyond the public schools’ grasp. Amazingly, this outbreak, for all of its devastation, has managed to do what no one else could: free some kids from the daily drumbeat of liberal indoctrination. Suddenly, parents are the ones managing their children’s schooling — and there’s nothing more dangerous to the Left’s long-term agenda than parents finding out what that agenda consists of.

Maybe that’s why the attacks on homeschooling, strange and absurd as they’ve been, have started to hit with more intensity. To a lot of people, it seemed odd that Harvard’s Elizabeth Bartholet would pick now to declare war on one of the most successful education movements in the country before COVID-19: homeschooling. But with the majority of parents being thrust into their kids’ day-to-day learning, liberals must have sensed the threat. For one, the parents who’ve become “accidental homeschoolers” might realize they like the flexibility it offers. Secondly, even if their kids are just distance learning from home, these moms and dads are seeing firsthand what their children are being taught. And for extremists, who thrive on secrecy to push their radical gender, sexual, anti-Christian agendas, that’s a problem.