The Messianic World Reformer Behind WHO’s Agenda. (It Isn’t Bill Gates.)-Dr. Gary North

I was introduced to Austrian economics by The Freeman. See below. Richard Duke


“I (Gary North) have a Ph.D. in history. I am a revisionist (“conspiracy”) historian. I have been ever since 1958.

I have written fat books on historical events and historical causation. I have even written a book on the conspiracy view of history. You can download it here.

As a revisionist historian, I am on the fringe of the fringe of a fringe. In 1958, I became a revisionist historian because of the assistance of a lady who was part of a network of mostly female anti-Communist researchers in southern California. She had a lot of files and conservative books. She introduced me to The Freeman. She also introduced me to the revisionist literature of the Pearl Harbor attack. I learned how to connect the dots at age 16.

I have continued to connect the dots in ways not considered historiographically acceptable.

What I am about to tell you is “the story behind the story,” as Marvin “Robbie the Robot” Miller used to tell us on his daily radio shows in the early 1950’s.

The secret is knowing which questions to ask, and then using the Web to connect the major dots. That will get you started.

Most people ask no questions. They don’t care. Most of the others ask the wrong questions. Then they are lured down rabbit trails by their questions.”


Dr. Gary North