The Unseen Costs of Government-Forced Lockdowns

“With apologies to Frédéric Bastiat, this is how his great essay “The Seen and the Unseen” might read if applied to the current government-forced lockdowns forcing business owners into bankruptcy across America and the world.”


That Which Is Seen, and That Which Is Not Seen-Claude Frédéric Bastiat


The Broken Windows of America’s Foreign Policy


Paul: The things we see are temporal; the things not seen are eternal


Book: The Seen, the Unseen, And the Unrealized-How Regulations Affect Our Everyday Lives


If is it real in this age of time-see, touch, kick things of earth, etc.-it is unreal in the spiritual age of God to those under the promise through Abraham and his Seed whose mother is Jerusalem above


No Great Awakening or revival will occur in America until:


That which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God