My daughter-in-law (Doctorate in Nursing) responds to the corona virus

Dear Rona,

“Many people believe you have done a few “good” things for us such as pushing families closer by staying home, cleaner air with less driving, praise for healthcare workers and first responders, cheaper gas, increased use of telehealth, and a hold on growing interest for student loans. However, on the downside you have cost many people their jobs, caused pay cuts or furlough for “frontline” workers who are being praised, fights over toilet paper, empty shelves and limited quantities for many groceries, prevented family members from being by their loved ones’ side during surgery, hospital stays, or their last breaths, prevented seniors from having the graduation ceremonies they had longed for, prevented many from mourning with loved ones at a funeral, terrifying so many people now they are waiting till last minute or too late to seek healthcare they need, suicide rates are increasing, rates of depression and anxiety increasing, social isolation, prevented essential workers from having adequate childcare, caused kids to start next school year 6 weeks behind, delayed or changed every girls’ dream of the “perfect” wedding, businesses are closing, prevented gatherings in the church, demonstrated how the media can cause mass hysteria, caused at home experimental haircuts and dyes, caused paranoia when someone coughs or sneezes, mislead people to think wearing a home-made mask can protect them, by staying in have caused people possible chance of low immunity against the normal everyday germs in the community, avoidance of normal human interaction and affection, and more things I may have missed… So, you see the longer you stay the more damage you are causing… I mean when have we ever quarantined the healthy? The sooner you can leave the better. We would like to resume normalcy or whatever “normal” may look like now.”


Your local psych NP

Nikita Duke, DNP, PMHNP-BC (Doctorate degree)

(Posted on Facebook by Nikita Duke)


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