How Central Banks and Lockdowns Are Making the Crisis Worse

The Central bank counterfeiters have no skin in the game and are dictators. JRD

The Global Elites Have No Skin the Game–David Gordon


“After 2018, the US economy was already headed toward a recession. But bailouts and loackdowns have made things even worse.”


Book: Skin in the Game: Hidden Asymmetries in Daily Life


Book: Skin in the Game; Review of Book by David Gordon


Nassim Taleb: Skin in the Game (Video)


What do I mean by Skin in the Game? My Own Version-Nassim Nicholas Taleb


“In ‘Skin in the Game’, I state that there is no group that violates morality rules and symmetry (fundamental ethics) as much as the neocons”–Nassim Nicholas Taleb


No Worship Without Skin in the Game