Luongo: Joe Rogan Just Blew Up The Death Star

“The Joe Rogan Experience has over 8 million YouTube subscribers and is downloaded roughly 190 million times per month, according to Rogan, drawing in over $30 million annually. It has long been the most-searched-for podcast on Spotify, the company said, despite not being available on the platform before now.

“For a long time we’ve been waiting for a big name to finally walk away from one of the big social media platforms for treating them and by proxy us like livestock.

“…it all comes back to their push for universal censorship and surveillance through an overblown health crisis. They couldn’t leave Rogan to do this thing and had to stifle dissent

Rogan is an anomaly in podcasting, hell for that matter, all of media and gods bless him for it. Who else can get tens of millions of people to tune into him talking with someone for three hours?

CNN can’t get people to watch them for five minutes in airports for pity’s sake, now that airports all have wi-fi. In fact, I’ll bet you, before the Coronapocalypse, more people on a daily basis were consuming the Joe Rogan Experience in airports than CNN.”