How We Might Respond to a Panedemic Were Society Not So Dominated by the State

“The state currently enjoys a vastly unbalanced share of the power within a society, such an arrangement is not in any way preordained, and the assumption that it must be betrays a narrowness of vision and a lack of historical knowledge.”

The state currently has so much of the power in society, simply because it has purposely sucked it up and taken it at the expense of everything else. The great American classical liberal Albert J. Nock began his classic work Our Enemy the State by declaring that ‘If we look beneath the surface of our public affairs, we can discern one fundamental fact, namely: a great redistribution of power between society and the State. This is the fact that interests the student of civilization.’”


Isaiah’s Job-Albert Jay Noch (printed version of essay)


Isaiah’s Job-by Albert Jay Nock (Reading of Essay)