Rabobank: The 1968 Riots Were A Significant Factor To The Election Of Richard Nixon

“… and economic historians know this marked the start of the subsequent US economic policy shift towards the market-centred neoliberalism that has ended up with us all relying on QE. Have we come full circle, or are we about to take things to the next level?

In many respects the rise in stocks when the military are about to be called in is odd. True, one can argue this just a case of ***trigger warning for a certain section of the readership of this Daily*** Baron Rothschild’s infamous quote the time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets.” However, those in markets know who is toblame’ for stocks shrugging off riots; and economic weakness; and geopolitical risks – central banks. Their ongoing largesse ensures it is almost impossible to repress asset prices.”

Unfortunately, as the US is now showing, this is a policy doomed to end in failure, just as it has on the inflation front.