What Anticapitalist Christian Economists Get Wrong

“The saddest aspect of this economic ignorance is that these evangelicals have completely ignored the real reductions in poverty rates in the past forty years, reductions that are due to liberalizing economies that once were in socialist straitjackets.

Almost any economist who has taught at a Christian college or operates in Christian academic circles has been asked the question, “What about the poor?” Most of the time, people ask the question in the spirit of dismissing any view of economics that favors free markets. Although there are a few Christian colleges where at least the economics faculty might look favorably upon a market economy, the hostility toward free markets is as strong at most Christian colleges as it is in the most left-wing institutions of higher learning.”


The Broken Window–A Concept That MUST Be Understood To Avoid Economic Ignorance!


It is no crime to be ignorant of economics; but totally irresponsible to have a loud and vociferous opinion on economic subjects while in this state of ignorance—Rothbard


“The phenomenon of economic ignorance is so widespread, and its consequences so frightening, that the objective of reducing that ignorance becomes a goal invested with independent moral worth…”—Kirzner


A Loud Opinion On Economics While Remaining in A State of Ignorance–Murray N. Rothbard


Rothbard on Economic Ignorance


“…we are individually responsible for our beliefs and our actions and we have to have facts, read hard facts…got to take the red pill, look at reality to see how it really is.”


A conscientious moralist or churchman would not consider meddling in controversies concerning technological or therapeutical methods without having sufficiently familiarized himself with all the physical, chemical and physiological problems involved. Yet many of them think that ignorance of economics is no bar to handling economic issues. . .Mises


Worthless Watchmen preached by Pastor Dr. Chuck Baldwin


When The Church Becomes Good For Nothing–Pastor Chuck Baldwin