Is America Heading For Civil War?


Preachers, Not Politicians, Responsible To Preserve Polite Society – Dr. Chuck Baldwin, Mar. 8, 2020

Churches: “Passivity leads to capture; and capture leads to death.” Jesse Penn-Lewis

Passivity in Church Leads to Captivity; and Captivity Leads to Death-Jessie Penn-Lewis

Bonhoeffer and the Bible:

Failure to speak against evil and passivity–WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY? And what did Dietrich Bonhoeffer say?


Dietrich Bonhoeffer: “The ‘frivolous’ attitude of the mainline churches in America had been vexing from the start [to Bonhoeffer]…[American churches] conveying a Protestant establishment seeking relevance at all costs: ‘Jesus hides the Creeds,…”

Worthless Watchmen:

Worthless Watchmen preached by Pastor Dr. Chuck Baldwi

What does the Bible say about brute beasts as civil rulers? — Pastor Chuck Baldwin


Pastors And Physicians: From Protectors To Predators-Pastor Chuck Baldwi


I Will Curse Them That Bless Thee-Message by Dr. Chuck Baldwin