William Barr is done with the Black Lives Matter riots and revealed his plan to stop them

“General William Barr told Texas Senator Ted Cruz in a podcast interview that the federal government planned to arrest and charge rioters who tore down statues and looted private businesses.

“When the real violence started around May 25, 26, and so forth, we started using our joint terrorist task forces around the country. And there are 35 of them around the country,” Barr began.

Barr told Cruz that there were about 500 criminal investigations ongoing into arson and destruction of federal property.

“And now they are starting to go full bore, cranking out investigations, indictments against the people who are involved in this violence. So we’ve had scores of indictments already for such things as arson, destruction of federal property, things like that. And we have, right now, about 500 investigations underway,” Barr continued.

Barr explained that the people out in streets now are no longer protesters, but anarchists and domestic terrorists.”