Markets Are Choosing The ‘Blue Pill’ Of “Bliss & Ignorance”

“We like to live in reality and have chosen to take the red pill…”

Here Come The Corona Capitalists

“How about the story of Mitch McConnell’s family’s (wife Elaine Chao, Sectretary of Transportation) shipping business, the $1 billion-plus Foremost Group, receiving $300 to $1 billion in PPP loans, which were initially intended to keep small business’ afloat?

The Lousiville Courier-Journal reports,

The Paycheck Protection Program, or PPP, was established by the federal coronavirus relief package McConnell, R-Ky., shepherded through the Senate.

…A Department of Transportation spokesperson said Chao didn’t know about the loan either. “As mentioned before, the Secretary has no connection to the business and she had no idea a loan was obtained,” a spokesperson said in a statement Tuesday.”

– Lousiville Courier-Journal